OpHealth Benefits for Agents & Brokers

Are you an agent or broker representing health insurance services? Have you been facing obstacles when trying to come up with new plans for your clients?


If you are like most agents, we’re sure you’ve run into a number of hurdles recently due to any of the following:

With health care costs rising, the deductibles for many people and businesses are also rising.  Let OpHealth show you plans that will lower deductibles and increase coverage.

The overall rates for health insurance are increasing.  We offer plans and options that allow you to show clients how they can lower their rates, provide additional healthcare benefits to employees and save money overall.

If you are running into issues where your clients are getting reduced benefits, we can help.  Contact us today to learn about how our plans can save your clients money and increase their benefits.

At OpHealth Benefits, we have excellent plans for Agents & Brokers.

Great Commissions

OpHealth works with highly rated, nationally recognized carriers to offer products with competitive guaranteed issue benefits, rates and commissions.

Competitive Participation Rates

Brokers who market the OpHealth Program benefits strategy typically experience participation rates much higher than a standard voluntary benefits enrollment.

OpHealth Provides Training & Support

OpHealth provides brokers with a detailed and robust program training curriculum.  

Sales Guidance
Your Sales Manager will guide you through the necessary contracting requirements and case implementation processes.

Client Support
The Client Service Manager assigned to your account will assist throughout the implementation, enrollment and billing processes.